Hello Blog!

Hey guys,
For starters, my name is Saatvik Shah and I am a 3rd year undergraduate student at NIT Jaipur studying Computer Engineering. Fortunately, I’ve found time and a kickass place outside of class to indulge my propensities. This Dexter’s Lab of our college aka the Zine lab is run by a group of students ushering from different engineering disciplines. Out here I’ve worked with my friends, on a variety of projects scaling from small Java based Android and python based desktop applications to large research projects based on Machine Learning.

Introductions aside, the main reason I started this blog was to share what I’ve been learning, hopefully in a manner which is intelligible and useful too! I’ll be writing about subjects that I’ve come to fall in love with such as ML, Mobile, Web technologies,Books and gaming too. Do leave comments, ask me questions about anything Ive written or shoot me a mail at saatvikshah1994@gmail.com.