Railway Maintenance Application


Zine Research Lab, NIT Jaipur - Built for the North East Indian Frontier Railways.


Complete system for location-sensitive preventive gear maintenance recording and centralization on a server, followed by report generation for administrative view.


The entire project is a combination of an Android application for managing user recording of maintenance information, and a web application for querying records and viewing reports about aggregated information.

Android App for Recording Maintenance Information
  1. Android application: The android app has a search functionality, based on which the closest gears in the radius of the user’s location are listed. Based on the type of gear selected, a form is populated. When filled, the recorded information is recorded and synced to a central server.
  2. Web application: The recorded information can be queried and structured in the format of different types of reports, which can be viewed by the administration.
Website for viewing organized aggregated data


  1. Implementation complete across 2 railway stations.
  2. Implementation undergoing across 20 railway stations.


  1. Patent for “Railway Maintenance Monitoring System.”, Application Number : 1098/DEL/2014. URL
  2. Certificate