Smart Movie Manager


Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NIT Jaipur


500 movies in the hard disk! Which one to watch? Can’t google up all of them can you? Here’s where the Smart Movie Manager comes to the rescue. You’re welcome lazy movie lover ;)

SmartMM - Frontend


Developed a wxPython based desktop application tool that automatically adds, manages and scrapes movie information from popular reviewing websites IMDb and RottenTomatoes. This information is stored in a SQL table, which is queried for its management. For faster web-scraping, processes are managed in a multi-threaded manner. Some of the features include:

  1. Automatic search and add movies
  2. Scraping basic movie information - Synopsis,Cast,Genres,etc
  3. Scraping site-specific information such as ratings and top250 status
  4. Scraping reviews from popular movie critics
  5. Cross-Platform and Multi-themed


  1. Live wxPython desktop application
  2. A+ DBMS Lab Grade :)